Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Black and White

I have been unable to blog the last few weeks owing to an intense work schedule including the UK iPad sales training and the Adobe CS5 tour - both encompassed a ridiculous travel schedule and very little time to take any pictures..

Before I post the best of the lot I will share a few black and whites that have been sitting in my photo library.

These are a few of my recent black and whites, the first two from Ko Phi Phi in Thailand and one from Jumala in Latvia, all processed from colour RAW's in Silver FX Pro from Nik software - a truly incredible plugin suite that has consistently given me great black and white images with its flexible tools. I added digital ND gradients to the top Thailand image and the Latvian photo and used a combination of control point masking and photoshop levels to get the crisp rocks in the second picture.




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