Saturday, July 31, 2010

Further HDR experiments

As I continue to experiment with HDR I will be posting my progress on the blog, there two images come from the beaches of southern England, Eastbourne for the skyscape and Bournemouth for the beach scene, the first was pretty straightforward with 5 exposure ranging from -2 to +2 and an overlay of the original image in Photoshop CS5 to bring back a little cloud detail lost in the tonemapping.


The second image was actually overexposed by a stop to start with, when taking it I had wanted to get an over bright feel knowing I could pull back a bit of saturation in post, when it came to doing an HDR I had to start with it as a +1 and work back to -3 on the darker images - at this level of pulled processing its a risk that information will "drop off" or lose fidelity in the highlight areas.

To my surprise it actually turned out okay with most of the work done in the tonemapping and the only bit of Photoshop being some halo reduction around the subject and a slight multiply layer vignette, This image veers a bit towards the psychedelic but its subtle enough for me to not find it jarring to look at.


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