Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Berlin Underground

During the Cold War the West German Federal Government built an intricate network of tunnels and bunkers in the heart of Berlin in case of war with the Soviet controlled German Democratic Republic. These tunnels weave in and out of the U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations, hidden behind bland-looking steel doors and hatches, before culminating in a variety of new and re-purposed World War 2 bunkers. The contents of these bunkers have been left largely untouched with some of the rooms being converted into a museum.

IMG_3277 IMG_3319 IMG_3321 (1) IMG_3286

The entrance to the bunker was an imposing steel door, once inside the refugees would have to be checked for radiation and if found to be contaminated, decked out in these beautiful 1970's style tracksuits:

IMG_3305 IMG_3306 2

The interiors were pretty grim with only basic medical and sleeping facilities, mirrors made of sheet steel and plumbing delicate enough to be broken by the weight of a person all designed to prevent suicidal inmates taking their own lives. To this day the bunk beds, body bags and medical equipment still sit ready for a possible attack.

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