Monday, August 3, 2009

"Carnaval Del Pueblo"

I spent yesterday at Europe's biggest Latino carnival; "Carnaval Del Pueblo" hosted in Burgess Park, south London. The mixture of incredible music and wonderful food was truly inspiring and I have renewed and invigorated love for South American culture. I got there at about 12.00 for the procession and went into full pelt photographer mode, shooting solid for about two hours!

I took a 50mm F1.2, (rarely gets taken out on walkabout trips these days because of its weight but I thought I would pull out all the stops for a carnival) a 70-200mm F4 (absolutely brilliant for this..) and a 16-35mm F2.8 which gave me a lot of flexibility, had the choice I would probably have taken a longer zoom instead of the 50mm but all in all I think I got a few nice shots, there is more on my flickr which you can see by clicking on any of the files below:

IMG_9752 IMG_9540 IMG_9660

IMG_9811 IMG_9695 IMG_9776

IMG_9565 IMG_9618

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